Tradition, experience and heart blood

Bornholms Thehandel is founded on solid experience from the industry's finest traditions in Copenhagen and a joy in the daily contact with our lovely customers. Experience it for yourself in our store in Rønne, where we take pride in providing competent, personal service in a cozy and informal atmosphere.

From the "headquarters", we also serve a steadily increasing number of restaurants and cafes as well as selected retailers: more than 60 local restaurateurs have thus already chosen to put the finishing touches on our quality products. Here on Bornholm, you can therefore be happy that you are never far from the nearest café, restaurant or shop that serves and/or sells our quality products!

We look forward to your visit to the store at Lille Torv in Rønne, where you also have free choice in the café to enjoy our entire selection of "the world's most beautiful tea and coffee".

Until we meet, you can take a shortcut here on the page and share our passion for good taste - here in our webshop, right here and now .